SnorEraser is a simple yet technologically advanced masking sound file.

Made available to you in the universally compatible MP3 format.

Which you can download immediately, regardless of your location or the time of day or night.

The MP3 format has been chosen specifically because it offers you the following key benefits:

  1. Instant availability
  2. Universal compatibility
  3. Exceptional versatility
  4. Never breaks or wears out
  5. Goes where you go
  6. Affordability
  7. Unlimited sound customization 

What You Will Need To Get Started
  • Any device that plays digital music (MP3) files, such as: 
    • All smartphones - Including iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and many more.
    • Dedicated digital media players - iPod, Zune, Sansa, GoGear and hundreds more.
    • Pad devices - iPad, Android, Kindle, etc..
    • Tabletop stereo music systems
    • PC, laptop and notebook computers
    • Can even be burnt to a CD if you prefer.
      • Handy common features to look for (on the above) for added enjoyment:
      • multi band graphic equalizer (for precise fine tuning)
      • sleep timer (to shut off playback after (x) duration or specific time)
      • auto repeat (looping) playback
      • wake alarm
  • AND... Any device that puts the sound between you and the person who snores: SEE SOME EXAMPLES HERE
    • Earphones - soft bud type, plug type, sport type, custom sleeping type, noise cancelling type, etc.. (available wired or wireless)
    • Headphones - on ear type, over ear type, noise cancelling type, etc.. (available wired or wireless)
    • Bone conduction earphones 
    • Bed pillows with integrated speakers
    • Bone conduction bed pillows
    • Freestanding bluetooth wireless speakers - Bose, JAM, Beats Audio, JBL, SoundBot, Etc..
    • Freestanding wired speakers
    • Freestanding speaker pillows (available wired or wireless)
    • Many other options to suit your own preferences!
  • AND... SnorEraser!