Simply download SnorEraser to any computer and then use iTunes to transfer the file(s) to your mobile device, as you would do with any digital music files.

If you want to download the files from our secure servers, directly to your mobile device. You should be aware that ALL Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) come equipped with an internet browser app (browser apps are usually responsible for downloading activities) that does not have the capability to download ANYTHING from ANYWHERE other than the iTunes Store itself. Unfortunately that includes simple, common, universally compatible MP3 files, like millions of free songs and our universally compatible SnorEraser files as well.

However there is a quick, easy and FREE work around for this problem.

We are very pleased to announce that we have now made it possible to download your SnorEraser files from our advanced downloading area, directly to your Dropbox account.

If you don't already have an account, Dropbox offers 2 gigabytes of storage space, at no charge, which you can use for all kinds of files including music, pictures, documents, videos, etc..

You can get your free Dropbox Cloud Storage account here.

It's really simple to get started and Dropbox opens a lot of doors for iOS device users.

What this makes possible for all of our iOS customers, is that the stock app Musicloud,

which comes with all iOS devices, is capable of downloading files directly from a Dropbox account.

By using a free Dropbox account as a temporary storage location, you can easily store SnorEraser files directly on your device, so that you can enjoy undisturbed sleep anywhere, without an internet connection.

PLUS - Doing this will give you the ability to collect digital music (and much more) from unlimited sources that would previously have been impossible for you to access.

Once you have your free Dropbox account, simply go to your secure downloading area and select "Save to Dropbox".

Then just enter the login credentials for your Dropbox account.


As the free account only allows for two gigabytes of storage, all six SnorEraser files will create an overage in your account, thus causing downloading issues and error messages.

When you click on the "Save to Dropbox" button within your secure downloading area and log into your Dropbox account, all of the files will transfer together.

Once this has been accomplished, we recommend deleting three of the SnorEraser audio files in the Dropbox account and transfer the three deleted files at a later time.

Another way to resolve this issue is to simply upgrade your Dropbox account, if you have a future need for inexpensive additional storage space.

After the files have transferred to your Dropbox account (almost instantly) you can then proceed to download them to your device using the Musicloud app.

Once you have created your Dropbox account, transferred your SnorEraser files to it and ensured that the two gigabyte limit has not been exceeded.

Use the step by step guide (below) for using your devices Musicloud app to download and play the files directly on your mobile device, via Dropbox.

In the Musicloud app.

Click on the add music symbol.

Select Dropbox from the available sources.

Log into your Dropbox account, using the credentials you chose during your free Dropbox setup.

Click "Allow", giving permission for the Musicloud app to access your Dropbox account.

Click "Download"

You can either select all files or individual files to download.

Once your files have transferred, click on the "songs" icon.

Select the file of your choice to begin playing SnorEraser

On the far lower left is the "loop play" button. Click this for continuous repeat.

Right next to the loop play button, is the "equalizer" button.

Use the built in equalizer to fine tune SnorEraser for a perfect match to your partner's unique snoring sound type.

If you would like to have the audio stop playing at a specific time,

or after a certain duration, use the "sleep timer" button to access these settings.