SnorEraser Is: The Only Way To Experience Zero Disturbance While Lying Right Next To Someone Who Is Snoring

  • A unique and effective counter-intuitive invention, that uses a previously untapped technology to give the non-snoring partner complete control over when, where and how much snoring they will hear. All without having to even breach the subject with the person who snores at all. So there is no waiting, no being dependant, no bringing up awkward conversations and above all... No more snoring noise related insomnia, ever again! 
  • Our research has revealed the secrets of physics that prevent all ear plugs, noise cancelling headphones, white noise, etc.. from reducing your exposure to the distracting qualities of snoring noise, by any more than about 50%! And we have used this valuable knowledge to create a far superior product.

  • SnorEraser Is: The Only Way To Intercept Snoring At The True Gathering Point Of Sound In Your Head

    SnorEraser is an invention that was spawned by the fact that NOTHING else in existence was capable of providing 100% distraction free sleeping in the presence of a snoring partner.

    • Due to two little known but very important physical principles, the distraction caused by common snoring was only able to be reduced by a maximum of 50% prior to the introduction of the technology behind SnorEraser. The first... Bone Conduction, is a second pathway that sound travels through to reach your inner ear. Thereby bypassing anything, of any quality that you may use to block your ear canals. The second... The Occlusion Effect, occurs when the sound that has permeated the skull via bone conduction, re-enters the ear canal (from the inside of your head) and gets trapped, bouncing back and forth between a blockage (such as an earplug) and the eardrum. This "bouncing" causes a rise in pressure, which you ultimately experience as an increase in the overall volume. The net result? You continuously hear more than enough erratic intermittent snoring to disturb your sleep, regardless of what you may use to block or cover your ears.

    SnorEraser Is: The Only Anti Snoring Noise Product In Existence That Uses The Power Of Like Timbre Masking Technology (LTMT )
    This exclusive technique represents the only way to reach the full masking threshold of snoring at the absolute lowest volume level achievable.
    • In other words... No masking sound on earth will ever be able to exceed the efficiency of SnorEraser. SnorEraser is and always will be the most efficient masking sound for snoring.
    • Because of the existence of bone conduction and the occlusion effect. Out of the three categories of snoring sound intervention (blocking, cancelling and masking), masking represents the only technology that is capable of providing 100% relief from the distraction caused by intermittent snoring sounds.

    SnorEraser Is: A Highly Effective, Easy To Get, Easy To Use, Affordable, Downloadable Sound File That Is Guaranteed To Work, Or You Get Your Money Back!
    • Each edition is sixty minutes in length with gently tapered ends. Simply use loop play (available in virtually all music apps and digital media players) to enjoy all night protection and peaceful sleep.
    • No other anti snoring noise product on earth can be brought into your home right at this instant and put to use immediately. So you can start getting better sleep tonight!

    SnorEraser Is: The Only Anti Snoring Noise Solution On Earth That Comes With A ZERO Snoring Noise Disturbance Guarantee!

    • We will even refund your money if you find an equal or better guarantee on any legitimate product, anywhere in the world, during the 90 days after your purchase was made!

    SnorEraser Is: An Extremely Versatile Product That Can Be Used For Many Other Sound Distractions, In Addition To Snoring Noise Problems

    • SnorEraser is also a very compatible (MP3 based sound file) product that allows you to choose exactly which media players and listening hardware that best suits your lifestyle, budget and personal preferences.

    SnorEraser Is: The "Greenest", Most Eco-Friendly Anti Snoring Noise Product You Can Buy

    • SnorEraser requires extremely little energy to produce, acquire and use, even over extended periods of time.

    SnorEraser Is: Discreet And Portable... Goes Along With You, Wherever You Go!

    • Because SnorEraser works on any device that can play the universally compatible MP3 music files. SnorEraser will be by your side always, even if you decide to switch brands in the future
    • Nobody will have any idea that you are immersing yourself in complete audio solitude. You can unwind, concentrate and relax anytime, at the touch of a button!

    SnorEraser Is:

    An affordable way to eliminate your snoring noise related insomnia

    and get your life back, starting tonight!