Our research has shown us that in order to achieve maximum efficiency in intermittent snore sound masking.

It is useful to provide three distinct sound profiles to provide excellent coverage over the majority of intermittent snoring sounds that human beings typically produce.

For ease of understanding, we break snoring sound types down into the following categories:

  • Milder Snoring (yet still disturbing)
  • Common / Average Snoring (everything in between... does not fall into either of the other categories)
  • Extreme / Aggressive Snoring (nasally, harsh, coarse snoring sounds)

We have created three custom snoring sound blends, each specifically formulated to closely match the snoring sounds that would most commonly be produced by snorers in the above categories respectively.
Timbre matching is the single most important goal when masking an intermittent sound with a smooth, consistent sound.
The more nearly the timbre (overall sound profile) of the masking sound and intermittent sound matches, the better they blend together.
When you use a masking sound that blends nearly perfectly with the offending intermittent sound, you have found the sound that will hide the peaks and valleys of the intermittent sound at the very lowest possible volume.

The problem with all other masking sounds is the fact that they sound so completely unlike snoring, that they are extremely inefficient at blending with the snoring sound.
Sounds like common white noise, for example normally have to be played at approximately two and a half times the volume of the actual snoring, in order to hide it completely.
This results in a situation that is not conducive to sleep and may be potentially harmful to your hearing.

Essentially ANY CONSISTENT SOUND can fully mask ANY INTERMITTENT SOUND if enough volume is used.
However, when it comes to optimizing sleeping conditions, obviously lower volume levels are are clearly desirable.
That is the essence of SnorEraser... The most efficient snoring noise masking sound on earth (guaranteed in writing).
SnorEraser ELIMINATES the sleep disturbing qualities of snoring sounds, at the absolute minimum volume level achievable.