SnorEraser is infinitely more pleasant and relaxing than common masking sounds like white noise.

Although the three main formulations are "snoring noise targeted" they are very effective in masking many of the intermittent sounds that people most commonly find to be distracting.

We get a lot of very positive feedback in particular regarding SnorEraser Multipurpose.

People use SnorEraser for the following everyday purposes:

  • Reading or studying while others are talking or watching television
  • Practicing sports techniques (like golf) without distraction
  • On location meditation (eliminates the need to seek out a private location)
  • Sleeping in clamouring environments (like on an airplane trip)
  • Unwinding and stress management (during a lunch break, at the office, etc..)

These are just a few of the hundreds of uses that have been reported to us by satisfied customers all over the world, over the years.
One of the best things about using SnorEraser for these purposes, is the fact that everyone else will think you are just listening to music or something.
Where trying to get the same benefits from earplugs for example, just looks... Well kind of awkward.