SnorEraser represents the only technology on earth that makes it possible to lay right next to someone who is snoring, while enjoying absolutely ZERO distraction from the snoring.


Most people mistakenly believe that it is possible to block or cancel snoring noise from reaching their inner ear completely. Still others believe that simply reducing the volume of the snoring that reaches your inner ear will provide adequate relief.

The truth is that it is physically impossible to reduce the volume (amplitude) of the snoring that reaches your inner ear by more than about 50%. This is true regardless of the design, quality or expense of the blocking or cancelling devices (such as high end earplugs and premium noise cancelling headphones).


How can we make such a bold statement?

It is simple actually... Bone conduction is a second route that sound travels through to reach your inner ear. And bone conduction allows about 50% of the snoring volume to simply bypass ANYTHING that you may use to intercept sound that would otherwise enter through your ear canal.


But if we have reduced the snoring by about 50%, why can't I sleep?

Because it is not the sound of the snoring perse that actually keeps you awake. It is the fact that snoring is a series of erratic intermittent sudden sound events. And the human nervous system is supposed to react to sudden sounds. It is a survival mechanism known as the fight or flight response. And as long as these intermittent fluctuations are detectable at all, they will trigger the response.


So... TOTAL elimination of your ability to detect the intermittent fluctuations of the snoring noise is absolutely essential to attaining peaceful, uninterrupted sleeping in the presence of nearby snoring.

SnorEraser is a unique, technologically advanced, proprietary masking sound, which is available in three specifically calibrated formulations for common snoring noise types.


By gently flooding the inner ear with the perfect blend of continuous, smooth sounds, we virtually eliminate any recognition of the on and off nature of the snoring. Your concentration easily drifts away from the smooth sound, which as you know is impossible when you can hear the snoring turning on and off.

Why can't I just use common white noise then?

Because white noise and common snoring are so dissimilar (sound so different) white noise is extremely inefficient at masking (matching) the timbre (overall sound qualities) of the snoring noise.

This makes it necessary to use approximately 2 1/2 times the volume of the snoring to reach the full masking threshold (the point where no fluctuation can be heard).

As a result, white noise has to be played at such high volume levels to get the job done, that it simply is not a viable solution.

SnorEraser shares an identical or nearly identical sound profile with that of common snoring types and therefore can reach the full masking threshold at a volume level that is much more conducive to sleeping and IT IS MUCH MORE RELAXING TOO.

You're not buying one device. You are buying an awesome solution that works on virtually any device you will ever own that can play common MP3 music files.

And there are literally thousands of hardware combinations for you to choose from, so that you can customize your experience to fit your budget, preferences and lifestyle.