Before we proceed any further, we need to replace a common word that has typically been used for similar, yet less efficient processes. 

I like to use a more appropriate word that will have you thinking in more accurate terms. Looking at the problem and it’s solution in these terms will yield consistent optimum results.

We need to replace the word masking…. with MATCHING.

In order for a consistent, smooth sound to mask an intermittent sound at the absolute lowest volume achievable, it must match every quality of the intermittent sound as nearly as is humanly possible. 

The sum of all of the qualities of a sound is called it’s timbre.

Timbre is how we can distinguish a saxophone from a violin, even when they are playing the same musical note.

SnorEraser comes in three different timbres, one of them will provide the nearest match for your partner’s particular snoring sound.

Ultimately your favorite edition for a given situation should be based on the likeness of timbre, rather than the name or intended use of the edition.

Example: Do not make the mistake of assuming that "Extreme" means "Best" for your situation, just because you consider your partner's snoring to be extreme.

Test all three editions and decide which works best for you.

Hearing even 5 or 10 percent of the total volume of the snoring turning on and off is still very disturbing to most people. 

That is where taking a few extra minutes to tune away the snoring completely will pay huge dividends for years to come and this process is only possible by using the SnorEraser app. 

There is only one sound on earth that can match snoring to this degree and that sound is snoring itself, smoothed out.

Here is the simple process for fine tuning:

1) From the main screen, select and play your chosen edition of SnorEraser.

The title of the chosen track will appear in the lower third of the screen.

Access the equalizer by tapping the three small bars located to the right of that title.

2) Increase your device's overall volume to a point that you feel is close to the perceived volume of the snoring. 

We only need to send enough volume to the inner ear to blend away the bone conducted portion of the snoring. 

That is to say... The portion of the total snoring sound that is bypassing your earphones by traveling through you bones, flesh and cartilage. 

So your perception is important here. 

We recommend using only the absolute minimum volume that is necessary to get the job done.

Note that noise cancelling headphones and earbuds may allow you to reach the full masking threshold at an even lower volume level.

Graphic equalizers and bass / treble adjustments simply make it possible to adjust the volume of separate frequency bands. 

So, within reason, more bands are better when it comes to frequency adjustment fine tuning.

The SnorEraser app provides 7 frequency bands in which to adjust the volume individually.

3) While playing SnorEraser, Listen carefully to the live snoring and ask yourself which frequency bands still seem to be getting through (Not just... "Can I hear something getting through?"). 

This is a very important distinction. Is it a high pitched hissing or a low rumbling sound that you are still hearing? 

4) Now rather than increasing the volume in those bands, you will slightly decrease the volume in the bands that already seem to be masking effectively. Then slightly increase your regular overall volume control until the intermittent snoring sounds vanish. It may be necessary to repeat this procedure once or twice. But this once and done adjustment process will be well worth the time spent in getting it just right. The upgraded unlimited mode includes features for naming and saving your equalizer profiles, for easy future recall as well.

You will soon experience the excitement of realizing that you will never again be at anyone else's mercy.

That you alone have the power and that you are now in complete command of how much, when and where snoring will affect your sleep for the rest of your life.

Once you have found the right settings for your situation, the unlimited version of the app allows you to save equalizer profiles for convenient future use. 

Name yours whatever you like. I call mine freedom 1, freedom 2, etc..