Here’s a quick list of what you’ll need: 

  • Upgrade to the unlimited version of the SnorEraser app.

  • Some type of reasonable quality earphones or earbuds are recommended. They can be either wired or wireless. And while noise cancellation capability is not required, using noise cancelling ear apparatus can allow you to use SnorEraser at an even lower volume level. 

  • For heavy snoring partners in particular, you will want to use earbuds / headphones that have a good deep bass response, as heavy snoring usually has a very deep rumbling quality. While the SnorEraser app is capable of matching almost any snoring timbre, you'll want to make sure that your hardware choices do not limit your potential for success.

  • But there are many users who are also getting great results while using speaker pillows, bone conduction pillows, open air speakers and more.

  • We recommend earphones or earbuds simply because they represent the easiest way to ensure that the sound of SnorEraser is emanating from a point which is between you and the actual snoring. All masking sounds work best when used this way.

  • You can make virtually any earbuds stay in place better, isolate more sound and make them much more comfortable for longer use by using commonly available, very inexpensive soft foam earbud boots.

Listening hardware optionsSEE MORE EXAMPLES HERE

  • Earphones / Earbuds - soft bud type, plug type, sport type, custom sleeping type, noise cancelling type, etc.. (available wired or wireless)
  • Headphones - on ear type, over ear type, noise cancelling type, etc.. (available wired or wireless bluetooth)
  • Bone conduction earphones 
  • Bed pillows with integrated speakers
  • Bone conduction bed pillows
  • Freestanding bluetooth wireless speakers - Bose, JAM, Beats Audio, JBL, SoundBot, Etc..
  • Freestanding wired speakers
  • Freestanding speaker pillows (available wired or wireless)
  • Many other options to suit your own preferences and budget!