The Limited Trial Mode Includes:

  • 30 minute samples of the 3 main editions of SnorEraser, which can be repeated manually as often as you like.

  • A comprehensive guided, audio tutorial (with samples).

  • A 7-band graphic equalizer for fine tuning customization.

  • Complete instructions.

  • Ads cannot be turned off.

In Addition To The Features Included In The Limited Trial Mode, The Unlimited Mode Adds These Great Features:

  • All 3 “Sleepwaves” editions to assist you in falling asleep even more easily.

  • Gapless repeat looping, so that you can play SnorEraser continuously, without interruption, as long as you like.

  • A handy built in sleep timer which allows you to stop play at your chosen time.

  • A built in alarm clock feature to pause play and awaken you at your chosen time.

  • You can also save and name several of your favorite equalizer settings for convenient re-use.

  • Complete instructions

  • Ads remain active, but you can now turn them on and off at any time in the settings.