Yes... The SnorEraser app can be used in trial mode indefinitely.

However, you will not be able to use the automatic gapless repeat function.

This will mean that you will have to manually restart your chosen edition every 30 minutes in trial mode.

Also the following features are not available in the limited trial mode:

  1. All 3 “Sleepwaves” editions to assist you in falling asleep even more easily.
  2. A handy built in sleep timer which allows you to stop play at your chosen time.
  3. A built in alarm clock feature to pause play and awaken you at your chosen time.
  4. Ability save and name several of your favorite equalizer settings for convenient future recall.
  5. Ability to disable the ad displays.

The SnorEraser app provides an automatic 15% discount from the regular price, if you upgrade to the unlimited mode within five days of registering initially.

You can save an additional 5% for each registered friend referral (within your 5 day window).

Giving you the potential to enjoy the unlimited mode absolutely free of charge.