First, let's look at the differences between the trial and unlimited modes for a better understanding.

  • In the trial mode, the repeat play/looping feature is disabled, which would allow for infinite playback in the unlimited (paid) mode.
    • This means that each audio track will only play for 30 minutes, giving you adequate time to experience and experiment.
    • If the audio stops prior to the 30-minute mark, see the information below.
  • In the unlimited mode, you have the option to enable automatic repeat looping for infinite playback. 
    • Use the "repeat symbol" to the left of the play button, in the lower third of the main screen.
    • If the audio stops at an unexpected time, see the information below.

When you install the app either initially or after installing the app, the audio files will stream from our servers, to allow you to listen immediately.

  • If you have a poor or slow internet connection, it is possible that the audio may stop due to an interruption in the steaming.
  • Allow sufficient time for the streaming content to cache on your device before attempting to resume.
  • During the initial streaming, the audio files are also automatically downloaded so that they will reside on your device, thus eliminating the need for an internet connection in the future.
  • The iOS app does this automatically.
  • The Android app provides a download button in the upper right corner. If you do not see this button anymore, the files have already successfully downloaded to your device and are ready for use without an internet connection.
  • If the download icon still appears after initiating the download, this indicates the files have not been completely downloaded yet. With a good internet connection, this process should take only a few minutes at most.

It is also possible that the audio can be interrupted by the operations of other apps on your device.

  • It is possible that incoming notifications, alarms, reminders, etc.. can interrupt the playback of your SnorEraser files. It is best practice to activate the "DO NOT DISTURB" mode on your device, prior to using the SnorEraser app.
  • Using any other audio or video program on your device may interrupt your SnorEraser session as well.
  • Simply tap the play button to resume your session. In some rare cases, it may even become necessary to restart the app.