No... Once you have paid for the app in good standing, there are no additional charges for re-installation.

  • After re-installing the app on your device, use your previous login credentials.
  • Proceed to the "Buy" screen.
  • As indicated on the image below, if the "BUY" button indicates any price other than zero, simply tap and highlight the radio button (small circle) to the left of the word "Free"
  • This will change the price on the "BUY" button to $0.
  • Tap the "BUY" button to immediately unlock and restore full use of the unlimited mode.
  • As long as the "BUY" button amount is $0 when tapped, you will not be charged an amount.
  • If you are already a paid customer in good standing and for any reason, you do incur additional charges, we will be happy to correct the matter for you.